Founded and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Fast Track Tax Services, LLC provides professional tax preparation for americans and small businesses.

Mr. Allandon Perkins is the founder and principal owner of Fast Track Tax Services, LLC. Allandon and his team, bring many years of on the job experience, helping hundreds of business owners, and individuals each year to plan tax strategies. Allandon has earned the authorization to e-file for the IRS and RTRP/PTIN Tax Professional Certification. He and his staff stay polished with the IRS tax laws and changes by taking 15 hours each year of continuing education. In addition to his tax expertise, Allandon and his team have many years of Banking/Underwriting/Loan Modification for major banks and smaller banks. They also offer life & health insurance as well as investment portfolio writing to their clients. He has been a resident of Dallas, Texas since birth, has served in various roles in the local community, and is an avid 15 year member of Light Church. He has been married to the beautiful Veronica Perkins since 2008, whom is the Vice President of Fast Track Tax Services LLC., and Assistant Branch Manager at a local bank. He is a great father to his children and encourages others to be their own boss.

Our mission is manifested. How we get there is simple. We never stop sharpening our expertise, our unprecedented IRS access, and our ability to give you a rapid + accurate tax return.